6 Jul 2017

Pangong-Ladakh, June 19, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 11. 

As I write this, I have no connectivity for the last 20 hours, this would probably be synced automatically on the 12 day. 

Last night during dinner Jose met another spanish guy at the restaurant I mentioned in the last post. He has been staying in Monastries and ashrams during his last 4 months of stay in India, he talked about his stint in Rieki, chakras, Vipassana, andyoga.

The spiritual kind swears by these but I see them as ashrams exploiting gullible people by pseudo science. I prefer questioning, and observe things and seek answers rather than being silent and follow a certain set of rules which have no scientific sense. 

We left for Pangong today morning in the similar cat-burgler-in-manali way, a 30 minute hike to the bus station. 

On the bus are a few people I have met frequently in Leh, or on the bus from Keylong, and a few new hardcore long term budget travellers.

I feel puny when I hear their adventures. 

I slept the entire way on the bus, and have been sleeping in Pangong too for the last two hours, after I write this, I'll go for dinner and sleep again. 

I terribly miss a few people, especially when I have no way to get in touch with them for at least 20 more hours. 

I am cancelling my plan for Nubra valley, ladakh though beautiful, tires you out easily. 

The next three days I'd spent probably roaming around in leh, before I catch my flight back to Delhi.


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