5 Jul 2017

Manali, June 10, 2017.

Chintu Travels Day 2. 

Manali Chill. 

Last night was fun, I won twice at UNO, one more then everyone else, and then followed a friends Marathon on comedy central. 

Yup, I have been relaxing, it's been a long time since I had a full 8 hour sleep with no interruptions. The 8 hours being a complete blackout. How do you get these on a regular basis? 

Apparently I have been taking a long route to Mall road all this while, Shivam told me about a shortcut, a steep downhill walk from the foresty villages. I took his advice and followed the directions and got lost. 

People are too friendly in the villages, yesterday too someone came a long way out of his path to make things easy for me and today too a Nepali guy who has been living here since 2002 helped me with the route. 

On a difficult stretch I asked him "Isko kaise cross karenge? ( How do I cross this? )", and he just said "Aaram se ( a pun on with ease and with patience ) " 

It was afternoon and I hadn't had anything to eat and with growling sounds from my stomach, I stopped at this small cafe at Manu Market ( Read more on a earlier post about this). 

And after that it's just been walking randomly across Manali with a 2 hour stretch of sitting beside the Beas River with the back noise of Manali traffic ( It's bad! You can get stuck for hours!), followed by a long walk across the Nature Park back to the hostel amdist mild drizzle and tall Oak, Yew, and Pine trees. 

I write this with hungry alarm from the stomach and a view of the twinkling hotels in Manali. 

I still haven't planned where I'd go next, or when.

In Picture, Grand Villages Huts on the short cut to Mall Road from the hostel.


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