6 Jul 2017

Leh-Ladakh, June 22, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 14.

Penultimate Day, there is this sinking feeling every time a trip ends, and it feels too short every time, though they tend to get longer the next time. 

Fingers Crossed. 

A typical penultimate day is waking up late, roaming around the town, buying souvenirs, and re-visiting places you've met interesting people, and this is what today has been about.

Women at Tibetan handicraft shops here are amazing, they go out of their way to make sure everything you buy is perfect, often even pushing you to a different shop, and their sense of humour is even better.

This is one place where you never have the feeling getting conned.

Ladakh needs a lot more time, a week is so little. I'd have to probably make a few more visits to let it all in.
Awaiting more travel soon.

In Picture, jewellery at a handicraft shop in one of the Tibetan refugee markets.


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