6 Jul 2017

Leh-Ladakh, June 17, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 9. 


The day started with a great news of the wifi being back, and me finally getting my tickets to Delhi. 

The budget trip is getting too expensive, there are so many places to visit here but so little money! Any visit to any of the nearby places cost s at least 2500 on a shared cab, you go to a travel agency and leave a note for a trip you want to take and the number of people you need to fill your cab, and hope they get filled to save money.

But then Chintu will do anything to save money, we ended up finding a government bus to Pangong that takes only 270 Rupees one way and then comes back the other day.

And the plan is similar for Nubra Valley, we take a shared cab which the local people use to commute, and then figure out things.

We'll end up saving at least 4000 rupees on the entire plan of seeing Pangong and Nubra valley.

Jose had a permit scare, as at least two foreigners are needed to be on the inner line permit, but then Jugaad works best. He ended up pooling on a permit with 2 other Spanish people via a tourist agency.

FYI, Leh has the best tourism services, with all the rates fixed for everything you want to try, and people going out of their way to help you out to make it a great experience!

If you're in Leh, do try the Naan-roti (shops in the old town selling Yeast rotis only, buy a couple of them, and then go to a tea stall and consume with tea!)

In Picture, A graphiti in old Town leh.


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