6 Jul 2017

Leh-Ladakh, June 21, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 13. 

This is a first, a 13th day on a trip for me!

lt sounds like a long trip but it isn't that long, I have been continuously moving around, I have spent about 60-65 hours on buses, and about 40 hours of walking. 

This is why the travel has stopped yesterday, and it's just me relaxing for today, and tomorrow.

I'd prefer doing a trip where I do nothing for a couple of days every few days. May be sometime soon?

Leh has great tradition of chai and naan, almost every other shop in the old market sells naan, which the locals live buy. Anytime you go to a naan shop and you'd find a queue.

Also, every had chai with salt and butter? I did today. Not the best chai, but something you should try at least once. Also recommended is the Kahwa.

I'd be doing gift shopping tomorrow, if you want something cheap and random, hit me up. 


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