5 Jul 2017

Manali, Keylong. June 14, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 6. 

Last night after the dinner, everyone settled on the rooftop of the hostel, and we ended up talking till midnight. During the walk back from the dinner, A dog followed us, everyone called it a different name, we named it Cat, based on a gag by the British boys that it'll mess up with people.

I didn't sleep the entire night, because it was already too late to sleep and when I had just got my eyes closed I got calls from Jose, it was time to leave. We collected our stuff and ran through the city like cat burglers to reach the bus stand, cat followed us, and then we lost it on the way. 

The bus was waiting but the conductor wouldn't allow us to get on it as it was an Express bus and no standing passengers were allowed, we saw another bus but it was full and it was going to Keylong. A Kiwi couple, Boon and Michelle were also looking for bus but they were clueless what was going on. 

I talked to the conductor and he said he'll make space for four people to Keylong, he couldn't, and instead offered that we get a seat from Rohtang Pass as majority of the people were going till Rohtang. We pushed our backpacks on the rooftop and hopped on to the bus. 

After a breakdown, a 3 hour long traffic jam because of an NGT check post to collect green tax, we decided to hike till the check point as the bus was getting suffocating. A 20 minute walk and an hour long wait for the bus to the check point, we reached Rohtang around 12:30 PM, and Keylong around 3PM this is probably the best bus ride I have ever had. 

We scanned the village for an acceptable accommodation after going through 4 hotels and 2 dorms. A hotel with a view of the snowy peaks, clean rooms, and a wifi! While Jose and Michelle refreshed in the room me and Boon queued for the bus ticket to leh, we leave tomorrow at 5 AM and then 14 hours of Himalayas. 

I have acquired a habit of losing towels, I realised the one I bought in Manali because I forgot to pack one from Delhi is still in Manali. Another unwanted expense. Early signs of getting old ?


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