6 Jul 2017

Leh-Ladakh, June 16, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 8.

No internet!
Last night I cut a pizza as a birthday cake only a couple of hours before​ midnight. Jose paid for the Dinner as gift to me, I returned the favour by treating him for a fancy English breakfast and a cheap Indian Dinner tonight.

The day was spent walking around Leh, covering as many places I can on foot, I saw a label that said that there are tickets to Delhi from Leh for 7000 rupees, I have already asked the agent to book one for 23rd June, I hope I am not getting ripped off.
Yup, the trip got shortened by about 4-5 days as I feel the atmosphere here in Leh could be tiring.
I feel out of breath even after walking for just a Kilometre or climbing a few stairs.
There is no internet in the entire city, except​ this cafe where I asked the agent to book my ticket,
A satellite connection at 5 Rs a minute, it's way too expensive. I wanted to try it there but the people who were already using it were saying that's it very slow.
I guess I'll get rid of my internet addiction over here.
Would still try my best to keep sharing a post every day.


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