5 Jul 2017

Manali, June 11, 2017. Chintu Travels Day 3. 

Long Walks. 

Last night while I searched around for food, I met this guy from Jammu working as a cook at a restaurant, the entire conversation we had was based around how he could become rich, "My only dream which isn't complete is to be rich". I am not sure if I should be happy or sad for him, because having just one unfulfilled dream is a rare thing. Thankfully I got extra kadhi because of the conversation, the owner wasn't even willing to serve half plates.

I have Jose ( Pronounced as Hozey ) as my roommate here in the hostel, an excited Spanish bloke who loves to talk, after I took the shower, I happened to ask him what his plans were for the day.

He showed me a picture of a trail by the river Manalarsu which he saw yesterday, and wanted to complete it today.

We started from a brunch at Manu Market, again the dirt cheap plate of Thukpa, Momos, and Chai all in 80 Rs. Followed by a walk to Old Manali, and then from there a trail by the river.

I saw a guy clicking pictures on high rock, and wanted to go there, and we ended up on a trail that took us to a valley were the river originates from a waterfall, A 3 hour trek with a view and an environment like that boosts you up. Plus it was free!

After an hour of rest, and we came down to old manali, while I tried yak cheese and brownies, Jose is preparing for a party with a couple of other Spanish people.

We ended up walking about 14 kilometres today, this is supposed to be my last day here in Manali, and the owner is planning a trek again to somewhere up in the hills, I might extend my stay by a day, and then move to Keylong from here in government bus. Though still not sure of anything. And somehow I like the way it is.

Jose wants me to write a "Humans of New York" kind of a story about him, after I post this, I'll move to the rooftop and he'll be telling me his story. so may be a post later tonight or tomorrow about him? After all he has been my muse all day when it comes to clicking pictures.

In Picture, Jose taking a nap on the trek, with Manali in the Background.


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