5 Jul 2017

Manali, June 12, 2017. Chintu Travels Day 4. 

A trek? 

Last night after I wrote my journal, me and Jose joined two Spanish girls who are volunteering at the Hostel, Alba and Manuela. I was looking forward to the conversation but the conversation was primarily in Spanish, I did try to guess the things they were talking about ( The trouble with their parents, Relationship issues, and spirituality ) and every time I guessed the topic I got a pat on the back.

I was supposed to leave Manali today,I told Shivam that I'll be 26 in 4 days ( I am actually freaking out, every year I add and the disappointments that follow after the expectations, it's kinda sad), and I'd probably be doing that while I am on a bus, and he suggested that I extend my stay, spend the night of 14th here with people I am somewhat comfortable with and then may be move the next morning or the morning after, and I am doing that now, though Shivam has no free beds left, would probably be sleeping in the common rooms. I ended the nights with some bench presses and punches on the punching bag on the rooftop.

Today, we went on a trek, and we got lost, and then we ended up finding a glacier, and then losing again, and then falling a lot on a path which was a straight up climb, and then a slippery descent thankfully no one was hurt.

All the 10 people were different in their own ways, and it was a lot of fun. This takes my total walking to 60 Kilometres in 3 days, legs are dead tired.

Shivam is running around planning to accommodate 22 people on 16 beds somehow. I feel he's doing great with the hostel, and in my opinion this is the best experience with a hostel I have ever had.

I hope I'll have a bed tomorrow, the legs need rest.

In Picture, Max clicking pictures and then posing for me for some while we were going up on the trek.


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