About Chintugiri
Hey Hi!  

Thanks a lot for finally reading this,  the only probable reason you're reading this is because either I begged you to read this or you have way too much time on your hand or probably you're stalking me. None the less, all of them are a reason for me to be happy because I rarely get readers and stalkers. 

Chintu started as an idea to create a webcomic many years ago; I could write and I had a friend who could sketch, but then things didn't work out. I was in love with the idea, I decided to give it a shot. Actually, I have given it many shots, I have tried poetry, I have tried photography, I have tried cooking, and then I tried to mix photography and poetry, and then I started travelling, I loved all of them and became good at some of them(sic). 

Chintugiri is me trying to do all the above stuff, and anything and everything I want to try. Why limit Chintu? Why not be limitless and experimental and (Almost) everything (I can afford)?

And this is now the result of that, Chintugiri is not a single activity, it is the attempt to do what you like, to do stuff that interests you, excites you.

Right now, I am the only contributor here and it would be that way possibly forever.

Thanks again,