14 May 2020

Chintu Travels| Mcleodganj | Day 6 Plogging

I didn't ride today, legs need rest, I have done about 280 kilometres in the last 5 days, and the legs need rest, the roads here are anyway too steep.

I woke up at 10, stayed in the bed till 12, there is finally a hostel feeling in the hostel, Bir was quiet with me being the only person in the dorms, and most people staying in private rooms.

I didn't have any plans today, went for a walk to Bhagshu Waterfall, after having a couple of paranthas, despite the constant reminders there is still too much trash, I found a large plastic bag while collecting some alcohol bottles thrown in the waterfall, and while coming down kept filling it up with plastic bottles and plastic bags, and alcohol bottles, Must have cleared about 7-8 glass bottles, 15-16 plastic bottles of all sizes, and about,1-1.5 kgs of plastic packets and deposited them in collection bins, will take another walk on a low crowd day and plog more.

After walking around for a while and visiting the Dalai lama temple, I came back to the hostel around 8, and sat for a while with the crowd here, and then went back for dinner, found a few drunk people getting crazy on the roads, some fighting, some shouting, so didn't venture out much to search for Dhaba, and had a thali at a typical Punjabi restaurant.

The hostel had set the mood for the New Year, everyone was lodged into the common area and talking, the hostel had arranged for a cake, and we did a count down to 2020.

Now I am hanging out in a Dorm writing my log, everyone is here and it feels like a house party.


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