14 May 2020

Chintu Travels| Mcleaodganj Cycling | Day 7, Mcleodganj Exploration

I woke up at 11, I had slept at 2 AM, everyone else had slept at 4 AM.

All the people were checking out today, and I was the only one remaining in my dorm, I went for breakfast at 12 and then came back and prepped for a ride.

I started with going uphill to Dharamkot, I had heard from a few people at the dorm about a few cafes in there, I went searching for Big Mamma's Shop, someone was saying they have a coconut-chocolate ball, it did take a while to find it as it is secluded and you have to take a few stairs and a trail to get there.

Big Mamma's owner is the Matriarch of the family and the shop is named after here when I reached she along with her entire family was soaking in the sun and were very excited to see the cycle. They asked me a lot of questions and told me about their experiences in Calcutta, The chocolate ball was essentially a chocolate laddu rolled in coconut.

I then rode to Dal lake and Naddi Sunset point, while looking for a good place to view the sunset, I ventured into the village but felt uneasy and came back to the main square, where I met @solotraveller195 and we sat at a Dhaba and watched the sun go down.

While exiting the Dhaba, my jacket got stuck in a tin shed and got torn, I came to Mcleodganj square talked to a tailer on a fix, he suggested in getting a sticker, and he'd stick it. I went to the main market and got a sticker that says "World Flag association" and has a few flags to cover the holes. For 50 Rs my jacket was again good as new and now had a bit more characters.

I walked around a bit after parking my cycle at the hostel, and had dinner at another Dhaba, and then came back to the hostel. The food was needed after 23 Kilometres of riding today.

After taking a hot shower and doing my laundry, I end my travel here.

For the next two days, I will be getting a lot of pending work done, and declutter my mailbox, and I will most probably take a bus back to Delhi on Friday night.


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