6 Jul 2017

Pangong-Ladakh, June 20, 2017

Chintu Travels Day 12. 

last night at pangong I was supposed to click the starry night, but the clouds showed up with rain. 

Me and Jose decided to watch "Manchester By the sea", Jose saw it for 15 minutes and left saying it was too sad and wasn't something he needed, I ended up watching the complete movie. 

In the morning too it was raining, we had our quick breakfast and reached the place were the bus was parked, Our badass driver-sahab was sleeping in the bus. 

Given the kind of slushy roads he drove us through to reach back leh, he's got some nerves.

Back in Leh, Suresh ( A fresh out of school guy from Nepal, who saw his class 10 result on my phone) forgot about my booking today and pushed me to the neighboring guest house, and paid the difference in price for me, which I figured out, and paid him back, he did this just because I helped him with the result. 

I am still sitting in the common are of the old guest house because better wifi and people to talk to.

I am gifting Suresh a hindi to English learning guide as every conversation we have ends up being how it's tough for him to communicate with the guests. 

In Picture, driver sahab along all the people in the Bus.


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