27 Aug 2016

The old fort and the sea.

The Old Fort and the Sea. 

You're old, 
You still don't crumble, 
Even when I hit you with all my force.

I do crumble,
Inch by inch,
But for every inch I erode,
You put a couple inches of your minerals back.

You stand because of my salt?
There is no affect of my assault?
I have had thunderous rage,
I have had fiery storms,
None made you weak?
All my attempts were meek?

Yes and No,
My blue pal,
You understand me wrong,
I may have stood long,
But it is only the exterior that is strong,
Inside I am in ruins,
Because it is not the era I belong,
A few more of your attacks,
and I may come along.
I wish I come along.

In picture: The Diu Fort and The Arabian Sea.


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