2 Dec 2018

Amritsar Diary, Day 2

Amritsar day 2
I woke up early again today, made another attempt at a time-lapse for sunrise, I was late again, though I did make one for moon-set, and then went back for slumber.
By the time woke up again the sun was over the head, though it wasn't hot. Today's agenda was to cover the city, I walked towards hall road, stopped for a cup of chai and a parantha at a stall. .
The partition museum at the end of hall road, located inside the town hall building is a must visit. Rarely are museums this detailed and dedicated, with audio and video interviews, it carries the pain of partition in each and every exhibit and often succeeds in moistening your eyes.
After a good unexpected 3 hours at the museum, I walked to Gobindgarh Fort, though via the narrow market lanes of old Amritsar, following google maps I almost entered someone's backyard, and ended up with a lecture on how google maps doesn't work in small towns like Amritsar and is only apt for countries like US/Canada.
Volunteers feeding people during langarseva, Golden Temple, Amritsar

Gobindgarh fort was disappointing, no camera are allowed inside, they aren't needed either, the fort complex is less maintained as a historical heritage and has more of a Mall/Picnic spot feel, with restaurants, shopping plazas, and a couple of poorly maintained museums ( Though there was an interesting turban museum, with detailed dioramas and descriptions), there is also a 7D movie about Maharajah Ranjit Singhji, which is followed by a 7D movie about a boy and his pet cat using a jet pack to reach school via sewers and skyscrapers. I used the 3 hours I was here to get some rest for my legs.
Next on stop was Durgiana Temple, a Hindu shrine with design similar to Golden Temple ( a gold plated temple in the middle of a lake and a walkway on the sides of the lake), I roamed around for a while in the temple complex and then walked back to the hostel, took some rest till evening.

For dinner I walked towards hall road, and walked through a lot of famous dhabas, but seeing the crowd they had, I entered the Golden Temple and went for Langar. The crowd this time was twice the size of what I had seen yesterday, the volunteers were working twice in number and were working harder too.
During my way back to Hostel, I stopped for some hot flavoured milk and a choco-dipped softie, and went straight to bed.


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