20 Oct 2018

Delhi Drama Act 22, The Singer.

"Chattarpur Metro?"
"60 Rs"
I get in, a minute later the driver starts a devotional song on his phone, the lyrics and the music are lost in the noise of the auto and the traffic.
"I have sang and written this myself", he says loudly.
"What's that?"
"I have written and sung this", he repeats.
"The song which is playing on your phone?" I ask.
"Yes! It is a bit out of key because I got nervous, and hungry just before the recording, plus the studio guys weren't into it much"
"Can I hear it up close?" I say pointing to the phone.
"Sure, he restarts the song and hands me his phone"

I hear an extremely modified popular track, and his autotuned voice, he is indeed out of key. The thumbnail has him in a devotional attire.
"Have you put this on youtube?" I ask.
"Yes I did! Search for KBC Services Vijey, that's V I J E Y, the studio guys put my name wrong"

I search and see two videos with his description, I add them to my watch later list.
"Sir, do a like and comment please"
I oblige.

"You should get a harmonica/synthesiser and make your own music, these studio people didn't do a very good job" I say.
"Like the one they have in an orchestra?"
"Exactly, but not as expensive, maybe a second hand one with good features" I suggest.
"How will I create my own videos on it?"
"Simply using the front camera of your phone, you play and you sing while the camera records, and then you upload"
"That sounds brilliant!"
The second song starts, another heavily modified version of popular tracks, but with a lot more beats against synth.
"This one went a bit better, I was more confident after recording the first one" He laughs.
We reach Chattarpur Metro, he takes out a piece of paper with words written in hindi, there are a lot of cuts.

"This is a bit crude, but this is what gets maximum views, tell me how this sounds"
He goes on and recites the lyrics like a poem, with rhymes thrown in just for the sake of it, then looks at me.
"I think the rhyming is a bit off on this, maybe because this out of music"
He nods.
I give him a 100 rupees note, he starts looking for change.
"I'll buy a new synthesiser, and learn and make original music", he says while he gives me my change back, I smile, and ask him if I can write about him on my blog
"Do add the links to the videos" He says laughing.
I laugh and move to the Metro Station.


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