18 Aug 2018

Cycling to Spiti, Day 5, What the Puh? Day 5. Kalpa to Puh

Distance Ridden: 86 Kilometers

Roads? What roads?

I started from Kalpa around 10AM with short ride to Rello Peak ( famously known as the suicide point), and then came to peo for breakfast,I had another bowl of thukpa and momo. The ride back to NH was a steep and bumpy downhill.

And it got worse. The rest of the day had nothing called roads; Shooting Stones with gravel and dust, and climbs.

I stopped at spillow for lunch and when I asked about road situations ahead, I was given a thumbs up. I do understand now that when it comes to good roads, you gotta ask if the road is metalled.

I reached puh, tired with my bike making a lot of noise. The bumps it has seen in a day were probably meant for a lifetime. I was denied a space by the PWD rest house, and had to come back to a Mr Bharat Bhushan Pharkas guest house.

Mr Bhusan and his staff is as loving as someone can be, he himself got his dirty while helping me fix the front derrallieur, which I'll test again tomorrow, it looks like it's working after 3 hours of tuning.

He specifically got dinner made for me at 11 PM when everything else around is closed and people are in deep slumber.

His only request, I spend more time around here to see his farmhouse and get his guest house on google maps like their neighbors, and he'll send me a container of famed Kinnauri Apples.

More on that tomorrow. 


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