18 Aug 2018

Cycling to Spiti, Day 4, Kalpa! Day 4. Kalpa

Distance Ridden: 0 KM.

Rest and Talk, Talk and Rest.

When I woke up today to the sound of drums from a festival at the nearby naagin temple, I had the feeling to go ahead to Pooh. I could finish my trip early; The feeling dissipated after the morning walk to the temple compound, the view of Kinnaur Kailash and mild pain in the legs insisted that I stay.

I have talked way too much; From dhaba owners who talked about how they ended up in a scene of the movie "Highway", to the logistics of leasing a property/guest house, to the entire extended family traveling in two cars, to a sardarji who owns shimlataxi.in(FYI, if you know the developers, tell them they are doing a terrible job and he isn't very happy) and driving a client here from shimla for tourism, to a belarussian guy who is traveling to create adventure tours which are a lot like "The Amazing race", but not as tough( His wife tanya has a beautiful surprise for her birthday tonight, he has recorded a lot of people saying/singing happy birthday tanya and would mix the video and send it to her tonight, I pitched in too), to sankeerth, a fresh out of college engineer on a month long trip to figure out what next after engineering.

It also had patches like sitting for hours inside the local fort staring at the Kinnaur Kailash range, to doing some minor maintainence work on the cycle, and the much needed cleaning of the clothes I have worn for the last three days.

Also thukpas and momos have taken over from Daal Chawal and paranthe, a bit expensive but a welcome change.

I intend to ride to Pooh tomorrow, with a warm-up ride to the famous suicide point in Kalpa.

Tomorrow will probably be the last day of Internet connection, uske baad BSNL zindabad.


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