22 Aug 2017

Delhi Drama, Act 16.

I get into the auto, he talks to another two people to get in, they don't.

5 minutes later, he asks.

"Ye batao, fruit chaat aur Chicken Biryani mein kya zyada bikegi?". ( What would sell more, Fruit Chaat or Chicken Biryani)

I stay confused for a moment.

"Fruit chaat har koi khata hai, thoda mehnga padega, par bikega zyada, fal konse konse honge?" I throw the question back on him. ( Everybody eats Fruit, it'll be a bit costlier but the sale would be higher )

"Baat to sahi keh rahe ho, biryani me pange bhi zyada hai, mandir ke bagal mein na lagao, mangalwaar ya guruvaar ho jata hai phir"( You're right, there are issues with biryani can't sell it beside a temple, and then people have days where people don't eat chicken. )

"Ek to kela ho gaya, ek Sev ho gaya, Papita, aur anannas bhi rakh lunga, season mein jo saste fal ayenge wo bhi daalte rahunga, masale bhi aise mere paas ki Delhi mein na milenge" He continues. ( Bananas, Apples, Papaya, Pineapple, and cheap seasonal fruits, I have spices you won't find anywhere in Delhi to make the chaat tastier )

"Auto band kar doge fir?" I curiosly ask.( "You won't drive anymore?")

"Kiraye pe chadha dunga, din ke 500 Rs, meri bhagdaud mein bhi kaam ayega, mandi jana fall lana, kyu bekaar bhada du jab khud ka tempo hai" 
( I'll give it on rent for 500 Rs a day, and it'll help me with my logistics as well, getting fruits from the market and all, why pay when I have my own vehicle )

We both agree on the logic, and then go on to talk about the initial stuff he'll need, and how he has to ensure high standards of cleanliness.

"Metro ke bagal mein laga lena" I suggest, ( Put it near the metro)

"Hai waha kaafi saare, 71 ke signal pe lagaunga, waha koi nahi baithta aur rukte bhi sab hai, ameer gareeb kyunki signal hai" 
(There are already to many vendors there, I'd put at this traffic signal, every body stops here, the rich and the poor because it's a signal)

And then I reach my destination, marking his face to try his fruit chaat later.


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