3 May 2016

Delhi Drama Act 5.

Delhi Drama.  Act 5. 

We lined up for the Quarter Marathon. A middle-aged guy in swaggy shades asks me 

"Do you regularly run?",
"Yeah, about 2-3Km everyday" I respond,
"But this is 10k, isn't this different?" He shoots back

"It is, but that is the fun thing about it"

He stares at me for a while and then makes an awkward face and says
"Yaar, mujhe to zabardasti laya gaya hai"
"Haan yaar, meri wife mujhe maarna chahti hai"
" Dauda Dauda Ke?"

I chuckle.
"Arey, mera matlab kyu maarna chahti hai?"

"Usko apna pati fit chahiye, main thehra uska pati, khud to daily daudne jaati hai, main so jaata hu, aaj zabardasti laayi hai dhamka ke"

"Practice to ki hogi na aapne?"

"Kaahe ki practice yaar, ek mahinese piche padi hai, maine bola ki ek mahine mein kuch na hoga, jo daudenge usi din daudege, par yaha itne logo ko dekh kar fatt rahi hai" 

His wife arrives, along with a guy who looks and talks a lot like Deepak Dobriyal's character from Tanu Weds Manu, the guy boosts his morale and says "aaj to jeet ke dikhaoge aap" The husband laughs, the race organizers announce that the race is going to start.

"Chalo ek cute wali selfie leke aate hai" says the husband to the wife, they both go to the starting point and take a selfie with the crowd in the background.

The race starts. They get lost in the crowd.


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