14 Nov 2018

Delhi Drama: Act 23, Ticket Please.

Delhi Drama Act 23

(Read full for the twist at the end)

I get out of the airport and wait for the airport shuttle bus to Magenta Line metro station, it makes life easier as I don't have to go through the long process of changing the metro at New Delhi and again at Rajiv Chowk.

The shuttle arrives, I get in, a guy with a bag half my size tries to pick his bag up, and ends up braking the handle, the younger of the two conductors shouts at him to hurry up and the guy pushes the bag into the bus using all his force and a long grunt. The bus is packed and the the younger conductor closes the door, telling other people to wait for the next shuttle, a family of three shouts to hurry up to Terminal 2, or they'll miss their flight. The conductor shouts back that they are going as fast as they can.

T2 arrives, the shouting family gets down and runs with their trolley's to the departure gate, a few more people get in, querying if this will go to the metro, the younger conductor nods and they get in.

The older conductor, a short thin old man with glasses which make his eyes look zoomed in, comes to the middle of the bus and starts asking for transfer coupons ( For connecting flight transfers the service is free) or tickets.

A middle aged man with a typical balding hairline and a tight blue shirt shows his boarding pass, followed by another three people, the conductor asks for coupon,

"What coupon?", The bald middle aged man shouts.

The conductor says that, the doesn't see boarding passes, they to collect coupons by showing tickets to the counter on the arrival lounge and he issues a coupon, which he collects, otherwise there is a ticket of 25 Rs.

"Nobody told us this, we talked at the counter and we were told that this a free service to other airports" The bald middle aged man shouts louder.

"Stop the bus and call 100" the old conductor shouts, 
"Yes, call 100", the bald middle aged man shouts too.

The younger conductor moves towards them, asks what's going on.

The old conductor agitated explains everything.

The bald middle aged man is still shouting, at this point he asks for a slip saying that he was charged for ticket despite having a boarding pass, and goes on to threat that he'll file a complaint, and even go to consumer court if he has too.

"Go where ever you want, but you won't go free in my bus" The old conductor shouts back.

The younger conductor says that if they have a ticket they can talk to the coupon guy on T1 and get a coupon and give to the old conductor.

"I either need a coupon or a ticket to be purchased" says the old conductor.

The bald middle aged man agrees to this solution, and the old conductor moves ahead for other tickets, I get my ticket, and soon the metro station arrives, I get down.

I have been at the metro station for 15 minutes now, the metro is 3 minutes away, I see the bald middle aged man, and his companion on the metro station.

I walk up to them

"Sir, if you had to come to the metro, you fought for no reason" 
I assume he'd go aggressive, he just stares at me, and asks for a reason

I explain to him that the free service is only for connecting flight transfers, and you have to collect a coupon, and then you give it to the conductor, otherwise you buy a ticket, I show him my ticket.

"But nobody told us this" He says in a low pitch.

The metro arrives, we get into different coaches.

The ticket you need to buy in case, you haven't got the coupon.


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