26 Oct 2018

Cycling To Spiti, Day 12, Chattru to Manali.

Distance Ridden: 87 Kilometers

Eeco Friendly. 

We woke up around 6:30, the plan was to start at 7 but then when in the hills the plan is usually the first thing to go for a toss. We had a breakfast of Paranthas and chai, did some hunting around for a proper place to poop, settled our dues, I eventually started to around 8. I was sure Eeco would be following me soon, they have been my pseudo-support group for the last three days.

A rest stop near Gramphu

About 4 kilometers later, I was stopped by a group of bikers, they had a flat but no puncture kit, I shared a few puncture patches and some solution and moved ahead.

The eeco crossed me after 3 odd kilometers, and I met them again after 10 kilometers, Ravinder told me that there was a landslide ahead, and I should wait; He offered me some fruits, I felt there was no need and I had fuel till rohtang. I waved at people as they laughed and crossed the JCB machine working on fixing the road with ease.

An hour and 10 kilometers later all the vehicles crossed me, except the eeco, they met me after another hour, this time I ate some fruits as I figured that it was going to be a steep climb. After a few pictures and conversations later, we left. I didn't see them for the rest of the day.

I climbed for the next 90 minutes and reached the top of snowless Rohtang. It was quite funny to see people wearing ski suits in a lush green surrounding, and crowding a microscopic patch of snow. I didn't stop at Rohtang and made my way to the downhill ride, I was hoping to complete the downhill ride in 90 minutes.

I stopped at Marhi after descending 18 Kilometers in 25 minutes, and then got stuck in a never ending traffic jam.

My ears, eyes, and nose had this irritation from all the honking, pollution, and people. It took another two hours to come down, and went straight to my friends hostel, helped him manage it for two days, and now I am in a bus back to delhi with visuals I'll never forget.

Total Distance ridden: 740 Kilometers
Days: 12


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