18 Jul 2018

Cycling to Spiti! Day 0, Noida.

Day 0, Noida - Delhi
Distance on Cycle: 23KM

Murphy's Law.

This week has been a torture, the last minute shopping spree that doesn't seem to end, and money bleeding here and there in the family. A sudden shakeup at work.
A bad bout of anxiety yesterday I have no idea how and why this happened. But it just happened, had I not had a few precious people around, I am pretty sure I would have cancelled this tour, I have thought through it multiple time. " Cancel it! So what if you've spent so much time and money already! I am definitely cancelling it". And today I was double checking my list, optimistically emptying my refrigerator of stuff that could spoil, packed, unpacked, packed, and unpacked again.

I had to leave at 5:30, and I didn't realize till 5:45 that it was way beyond 5:30. I left at 6 finally, after a hurried shower and a milkshake of the last packet of milk.

6 easy kilometers and a thousand stares later, I kep hearing a clicking noise of the bike. "Definitely stones skidding of the back wheel" and I kept moving, a Kilometer later I figured that the noise just wouldn't go. I stopped and checked only to find a nail on a cable fastener entirely inside the tyre. I pulled it out immediately only to hear the tyre go flat in an instant.

It was 6:30 already and my bus was at 8:30, I had to decide against fixing the flat myself. I unpacked the bags, put them up in an auto along with the cycle and reached the nearest bike shop at 6:50.

Fixing the flat took another 20 minutes as the mechanic kept stopping to make a sale to other customers. By the time I was packed and moving again it was 7:20 already and the bus stand was 15 kilometers away.

I rushed through flyovers, asking directions while speeding alongside autos, and reach the bus stand at 8:10, After a help from the conductor in unpacking and loading the bike, I successfully got onto the bus profusely sweating and barely breathing.

Picture Courtesy: Precious People I mentioned above.


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