21 Feb 2018

An ode to quarter life crisis.

As a 26 something,
I haven't figured out anything,
While my older colleagues
Talk about cars, homes, and families,
I am stuck here like a rusty bolt,
Attempting improper similes.
As a 26 something,
I haven't achieved anything
While the younger folks talk about
Career and higher education,
I am stuck here, deciding
should I or shouldn't I take a vacation?
As a 26 something,
I haven't had any successful relationships,
Some of my friends are married,
Some are on the brink,
I am stuck here, worried
Should I or Shouldn't I drink?
As a 26 something,
I am not an optimist anymore,
Because now I know
How dreams die,
And how hope makes me cringe
While I waste myself on netflix and binge.
As a 26 something,
I wish I could travel back in time,
And mend my choices
Or disappear and not exist
But then this thing called life
Is a hard drug to resist.


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