6 Aug 2017

Delhi Drama, Act 15.

Delhi Drama Act 15.

I just came out of lotus temple after sitting inside the complex for 15 minutes and staring at people surprised that something so beautiful from the outside is just a vacant hall with chairs.

"Bahar se hi sundar hai sirf" is the usual line of discussion between people who have come to see the temple for the first time.

In one corner where people aren't allowed to go, a bunch Mynahs look in a playful mood, ca-cawing and jumping on the floor, until you go close and realize that they are not playing but fighting, about 5 mynahs on one.

I point to a volunteer who has just come inside the temple complex and ask if they are fighting, he stares at them.

"Ye terrorist group hai, jisko ye maar rahe hai wo shayad bahar ka hai, aur galti se andar aa gaya, isko ye aise chorrenge nahi, kai baar to pura maar dete hai, apna territory ko leke bahut zyada protective hai" (These birds are a terrorist group, the one who is being dominated looks like an outside bird, they won't leave it easily, often we find dead birds like these, they are very protective of their territory)

The man goes to the birds and shoos them away with a folded newspaper, the victim(sic) flies away in a hurry, the other birds follow it.

In Picture: The bullying birds.


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