16 Jul 2017

Delhi Drama, Act 13.

I have been looking for round Lennon-ish glasses for a long time, and the ones I usually end up finding the ones which are too expensive or too poor in quality, nothing midway.

And every shop leads to an "I was looking for something similar but not this" moment. 

I stopped again at a shop and I showed him some images for reference, and he had the perfect ones.

He said 125, I paid a 100 and said, "ho gaya na bhaiya?"( We all good brother ?)

"Sir, maal kuch bik nahi raha hai, MCD wale har do teen din mein samaan le jaate hai, galiya suna jaate hai, ya paisa kha jaate hai, ghar pe bhi bahut dikkat chal rahi hai, 35000 ka saara samaan laaye the pichle mahine ke purey chaand ko, abhi tak jaise taise bik raha hai. Bahut tana tani chal rahi hai, aise to 20 - 25 Rs ke liye chorr deta par, abhi sir thoda zaruri hai sabb" 

( Sir, the business is slow, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi takes away my stuff or bribes every 2-3 days, I bought stock worth 35,000 on last month's full moon night, still trying to clean it up, there is a lot of pressure at home, I'd usually don't bother for 20-25 Rs, but right now every penny is important )

I pay him a 500 Rs note and wait for my change he counts the money and tells me "The different taste in style" I have and then says "Itna suna diye sir aapko, bura mat maniyega" ( I spoke a bit too much, please don't mind).

I just take the glasses and my change, pat him on the back thanks and move on.


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