9 Apr 2017

Delhi Drama Act 11

Every day while leaving work I wait for a bus for about 15-20 minutes while the buses I am waiting for passing every few minutes in the other direction.

But today was different, I moved out of the lane that links the main road to the office and there was a Red DTC bus standing, I looked at the driver and he opened the door. 

I get in and to my surprise the entire bus is empty. I turn back and shout in surprise " Poori Bus Khaali!" ( It's all empty!)

The driver and conductor look at me and laugh and ask " Aap ko darr to nahi lagg raha?" ( Are you scared?)

They go on to tell me that generally women ask questions like these, and then they tell me that because of the traffic jam there are 5 buses standing one after the other going on the same route.

I ask them about the erratic planning of schedule (3-4 Buses of the same route often coming in a span of minutes, and then not a single bus for 20-30 minutes)

They laugh, a lady gets on the bus and repeats the same question about the bus being vacant, and they look at me and laugh again.


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