23 Jan 2017

Delhi Drama Act 9.

Delhi Drama Act 9: 
Love in the times of Demonetisation. 

The guy notices an ATM with a short queue of only about 10 to 15 people, it's 10:37 PM already. 
The girl looks at her watch, and then her phone to book a cab. 
The guy asks for a deadline,
"As long as I don't get a call from home"
The girl asks him about the last metro,
"Oh yes, you took it the last time too"

A few more people join the queue, the tired security guard worried comes up and asks the queue to disburse
and says to them that it's closing time(It's not a 24 hour ATM)

People ask him to consider the scenario and let them stay in the queue,
The guard with sleepy eyes moves to the back of the queue to check the number of people and moves to his chair again.
The guy tells him to move his chair to the end of the queue
and not allow more people to stand in the queue.

The guy notices that there are two ATMs inside and not just one,
With curious eyes, he looks at people coming out asking questions like "Is cash available?"
And then he looks at the Rs 2000 note,
"2000 ke note nikle sirf?"(only 2000 Rs notes are available?)
he asks a lady who comes out telling her friend that she feels like the king of the world now.

After about 15 minutes the guy is inside the ATM cubicle with just a couple of people ahead of him, he is anxiously looking at the screen of the machine.
"Nobody is caring about privacy anymore" The girl rebukes him
The guy continues to tell the elderly person ahead of him to press the right buttons,
just to reduce the delay of his own turn.
Both people ahead of him do successful transactions.

It's his turn on the ATM,
He pushes his card and hurriedly pulls it out.
"Unable to read the card, please try again" the machine responds.
The guy this time repeats the action, but slowly.
The machine asks for his pin, he enters.
It asks for the amount, he enters 2500.
And then the machine says "Amount beyond withdrawal limit"

He swipes his card again,
Goes through the pin and stays on the amount entering screen.
Takes a moment longer here to enter the amount,
The machine makes the noise of dispensing money.
"This noise sounds like music," The girl says,
The guy collects the note and kisses it, forgetting that he is in a queue,
People behind him laugh.

"You're very happy!" says a middle-aged man standing behind the girl.
"Yes! I've seen cash after a long time"
And then the guy jokingly goes on an oscarish thanking speech which includes his parents, the girl, and lot many people.
The middle-aged man too mocks the action of taking an interview.
All the people in the queue laugh.

The girl is able to withdraw 2500 Rs,
The guy is worried about getting a change for his 2000 Rs note,
Someone in the queue suggests exchanging the money with the girl.
"Paisa zayda pyara hai"(I love the money more) The girl chuckles, the cubicle adds to her laughter.
"Break-up ho jayega"(we'll breakup) says the guy joining the humor.

The girl moves outside the cubicle,
the guy moves to the other machine in the ATM in an attempt to withdraw another 500.
The man at the front on this machine has been there for 10 minutes now, and is using is 7th or 8th card.
The guy notices that all the three people ahead of him have multiple cards,
He moves out of the cubicle too.

The girl has already booked the cab, and his on phone with the driver.
The guy hugs her, she says she has a change of 500 in 100 Rs notes.
The guy is skeptical about taking the money,
"Don't be so difficult, Paytm this to me later, I anyway use it for cabs"
He takes the money, the cab arrives, the girl and the guy hug again.
The guy moves to the metro.


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