19 Jul 2016

How I grew.

How I grew. 

Come gather kids, 
I'll tell you my story
Hush, listen to it carefully,
Let me bask in its glory.

I was once a kid,
so were you,
I felt I was special,
Did you feel that too ?

My Maa was a simple lady,
Worried about the world,
"What would the folks say ? "
She always purled.

She'd make the best food,
When she was happy.
She fed us well,
Even when she was snappy.

Papa was a bit angry,
But he loved us a lot,
Red balloons one day,
Red bums when we fought.

"Too expensive"
He'd say for a toy,
But I always had it,
I still remember the joy.

I had a silly brother,
And there was a sister too.
I was the eldest,
I'd beat them black and blue.

And then there were the cousins,
And friends too,
I was the leader,
Of these notorius few.

They all followed me,
To victory and loss,
But then they'd fight for the bat,
When I'd win the toss.

It's a long story,
But it's all true,
I'll tell you more someday,
About how I grew.

In Picture: A Family enjoying a meal, Jamnagar., Gujarat.


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