1 Mar 2016

The Winds Changed.

The winds changed.

"Loving, caring, understanding" 
Said my love.
I was.

"Optimistic, humorous, cheerful" 
Said my friends.
I was.

"Responsible, Reliable, Sincere" 
Said my colleagues.
I was.

"Smart, Talented, Hard Working" 
Said my boss.
I was.

Then the dark clouds came,
The winds changed,
So did I.

"Insecure, Needy, Moody" 
Said the love.

"Disconnected, arrogant, self-obsessed"
Said the friends.

"Dependent, annoying, erratic" 
Said the colleagues.

"Slow, redundant, useless" 
Said the boss.

I was replaced.
None of them knew,
That the winds had changed.

The photo was taken from my room's window at my house in Kolkata.
If you stare at the photo with some imagination, you'd notice that the white clouds make a human face which is being devoured by the dark cloud.


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