1 Feb 2016

Let me be your window

Let me be your window.
In your spring,
I'll bring you breeze and sunshine,
I'll call the sparrow that loves to tweet, 
I'll catch the smell that you call sweet.
In your summer,
I'll block the strong sun,
I'll Kill the loo winds without a gun,
Shut me and forget me if you need,
But I'll still do what is my deed.
In your rain,
I'll sing,
The song of raindrops on my sill,
Follow their beat till they are still.
In your autumn,
I won't do much,
I'll just give you a view of the barren trees,
Show you the brown garden floor,
That the fallen leaves touch.
In your winter,
Shut me tight,
And I'll protect you from the chill,
All day and night.
- Photo taken in Diu Fort,Diu


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